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At Exhibit- A, we believe in bringing art into the everyday, which is why we aim to create not apparel or accessories, but wearable objects of art and lifestyle pieces. Walking the line between form and function, we focus on craftsmanship, details and textures to weave a cohesive narrative which is inspired by nature and crafted by artists.
This ethos is reflected in the way our collection consists of two ranges. The Artist Collection comes from our collaboration with unique artists from all over. Their diverse styles are reflected in their artworks, which have served as inspiration for us to create exclusive pieces that follow the artist’s narrative.
The Exhibit_1 range is born out of our deep appreciation of nature and its raw essentialism, which serves as inspiration for our naturally elevated designs. Our techniques are informed by a unique amalgam of traditional and contemporary culture. This elevated lifestyle range is mostly gender neutral but focuses on a delicate balance between masculinity and femininity.


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